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[Multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 5/??

TitlePlotting with the devil 5/?? 
Autor: vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: imsandi  
Genre: angst, romance, SMUT
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own anybody who appears in this fanfic...poor me! ç______ç 

Previous chapters:  Chap #01  ||  Chap#02  ||  Chap#03  || Chap#04


06:00 Bibip. Aiba’s mobile rang but he didn’t check it.

06:o5 Bibip. Another message came but he kept on sleeping.

06:10 Bibip!

06:12 Bibip!

06:15 Bibip!

“Wakatta, wakatta!!” Aiba cried and grabbed his mobile. While he opened it another message arrived. They were all from Sakurai.

6:00 am
Sakurai the jerk
Object: Details for today’s date.
Satoshi and I will wait for both you at 16:00 in front of the amusement park. Don’t be late.

6:05 am
Sakurai the jerk
Why don’t you reply??

6:10 am
Sakurai the jerk
Object: …zzz…
Are you still sleeping?! >.<

6:12 am
From: Sakurai the jerk
Object: Wake up!
You’re sleeping too much! It’s not good for your health!

6:15 am
Sakurai the jerk
Object: waiting…
I’m still waiting for an answer…WAKE UP!

Aiba was really pissed off that he considered not replying and turning off his mobile phone for the whole day, then he read the last message.

6:16 am
Sakurai the jerk
Object: Maji gomen!
Sometimes I am annoying, gomen! You can keep on sleeping and reply later. If I wake you up …gomen! OHAYO AIBA-CHAN! (^_^)y

Well, it wasn’t a poetic message or something like that but for Aiba was a very cute way to be woken up. He smiled and replied.

6:20 am
Object: OHAYO!! ^^
Details received. See you later! ^^

When Sho read the message, he sweetly smiled but Aiba won’t ever know.

Instead of going back to sleep, Masaki went to cook the breakfast. He didn’t know why, but he was really excited for the coming date. Some minutes later Nino came in the kitchen.
“Are you okay, Macchan?”
“Oh! Ohayo!” Aiba smiled, “I’m feeling great, and you?"
“I’m worried.It’s the second day in a row that you woke up so early”.
“Ma~ma~ today is my day-off so…"
Bibip. Nino’s mobile rang.
“Eh? Sakurai-san? What does he want?”
“Maybe it’s about the date”.
“What date?!”

6:30 am
Lawyer Sakurai
Object: date.
Today at 16:00 pm, you, Satoshi, Aiba-chan and I are going to a date at the amusement park. You have a day-off. See you later.

“EEEHH?!!? MACCHAN EXPLAIN!” Nino screamed pointing the mobile at Aiba’s face.
“You first. Why didn’t you say that you have to go out with your boss?”
“Well…I thought it wasn’t necessary”.
“Necessary? We are friends, Nino! You can say everything to me! It’s not a matter of necessity! I don’t want secrets between us!”
Nino felt a little guilty and tried to lighten the situation.
“Come on, Macchan! You already have a lot of trouble. I didn’t want to worry you more. And now what is this date thing?”
“Yesterday Sakurai-san went to the club and planned the whole date”.
“At the amusement park? It looks more like an idea of yours”.
“Maybe I helped a little…By the way I think Sakurai-san is trying hard to get the relationship between you and your boss to work”.
“But it won’t work! I don’t like Satoshi at all! And you! Don’t you dare fall in love with that lawyer!”
“I won’t fall in love with Sakurai!”
“Maybe you’re already in love and you haven’t noticed”
“It sounds really possible!”
“Cool down, Nino! Anyway today we have a date, relax a little and enjoy it, okay?”
“Like I will”.
“Ne~ how about we act as a real couple?”

Nino’s eyes widened. “Are you alright with it? I know you and it won’t work. You’ll be embarrassed”.
“It’s okay, I set…”
“Your mind, I know, I know! But what if you act weird and they find out?”
“We will look like a cute couple. There are a lot of stupid cute couples in dramas”.
“This is the reality, Macchan. Ahhhh! With you it’s a lost cause. Changing subjects what have you cooked?”
“Last night I bought some fresh croissants from the bakery and I’m warming some milk, is it okay?”
“Yes, I feel European this morning”
Nino said while biting a croissant.


Since Nino had the day-off, he spent it playing his videogames and studying some new magic tricks that were his hobbies while Aiba did some housework and helped the sweet granny next door. The time passed by fast and it was already 16:00.
“Yabai! We’re late!”
Some minutes later the two friends ran madly to the amusement park.
“You’re late” Sakurai pointed out.
“Sho-kun, don’t be stubborn. We just arrived.”
“You’re too lenient, Satoshi-kun.”
“Daijobu, daijobu. Ikou ka? We already have the tickets”.

The three followed Ohno.
“Where do you want to go first?”
“Eh?? Nande??”
“I don’t like it. Why don’t we go to a carousel?”
“I want to go to the Ferris wheel, ne~Macchan? It’s so romantic.”
“Sakurai-san, what did you come here for?!”
“It’s just that…”
“He doesn’t like heights.”

Sakurai looked away embarrassed.
“Ja~ why don’t we go to the haunted house?”
“YADA!” cried the three.
“You are really scaredy-cats. Ma~ma~ we’ll start with the rollercoaster. Who wants to go, will go”.
The three agreed and when they reached the attraction, Sakurai said he wouldn’t go.
“Ok, you’ll wait here scaredy-cat.”
“Aiba-chan, wait with me!”
“Why should I? I want to go!”
“Wait with me or I will scream how you moaned last night”
murmured Sakurai.
“Don’t you dare!”
“Minna-san! Would you like to know? When I touched this guy’s mmmmm…”
Aiba closed Sakurai’s mouth with his hand.
“Okay, okay! I won’t ride the rollercoaster!”
Nino looked at Sakurai’s pleased face. He wouldn’t let it pass so easily.
“If Macchan doesn’t go, I won’t go either!”
“Isn’t it obvious, he’s my bo…”
"NINOMIYA! Come with me.”

The lawyer brought Nino away and threatened that he won’t help Aiba if he revealed their relationship to Ohno-san.
“We signed a contract.”
“I signed nothing.”
“You’re right, but I’ve got this…”
Sho said taking his mobile phone from his pocket. A recording started and Nino could hear all his previous conversation about the contract.
“In law this can already be used as a contract, you know? So it’s like you already signed it.”
“Tsk! You’re such an asshole.”
“Don’t be so rude, Ninomiya. So what will you do?”
“Wakarimashita. Macchan, stay here!”

Aiba and Ohno who looked at the whole conversation without understanding, were confused. Nino took his boss by the arm and went to ride the rollercoaster without any fun.
“What did you say?” asked a still confused Aiba.
“Nothing” smiled the lawyer. Aiba pouted and went away.
“Where are you going?”
“I want something to drink. You can stay here!”
“You’re annoying.”
cried Sakurai “Don’t leave me alone!”


When Nino and Ohno got off the roller-coaster, both were laughing excitedly.
“Satoshi, you’re a scaredy-cat.”
“I’m not.”
“Yes, you are! You screamed ‘G! G! Ah! G!’  for the whole ride”
Nino teased imitating his boss.
“Hora! Who was the one who held my hand in the last fall?”
Nino smirked and said: “Arigato gozaimasu, Satoshi.”
Ohno blushed and looked away. “Where are Sho-chan and Aiba-san?"
“Matte, I’ll call Macchan.”

“Moshi-moshi? Macchan, where are you?”
“Nino gomen, we are looking for a tiger!”
“Daijobu, daijobu! I will show it to you when I find it! Jaa~” CLICK.
“Macchan?? MACCHAN!”

“What’s up?”
“Well, I don’t really know but Macchan seemed happy so it’s okay. I’d like to see his face now”.

Ohno smiled. “You really care for your friend.”
“Of course, we’ve known each other since high school. I remember him always smiling.”
“But now he doesn’t seem so happy.”
“How do you know?”
“His smile; it seemed fake. At first I thought he didn’t like me, but now I feel it’s something deeper”.

Nino looked surprised at Ohno. Maybe his boss was more mature then he thought.
“Well, since Macchan disappeared with Sakurai, why don’t we enjoy this date?”
And so they did until late evening smiling and laughing together. Nino never thought he could have fun with a guy like Ohno. It was around time for dinner when Satoshi asked:
“Ninomiya-kun, what should we eat for dinner?”
“Eh? Can I choose?”
“Of course. Anything you want!”
“How about ootoro?”
“I know a place where tuna is delicious! Ikou ka?”
“Ah! Daijobu, daijobu! I’m kidding!”
“Ah sou…what do you want then?”
“Yes and I know a place where hamburgers are delicious”.

Nino unconsciously grabbed Ohno’s hand and guided him in front of a fast-food restaurant.
“Here we are!”
He turned back to find an embarrassed Satoshi who was staring blankly at their hands.
“This is the place!”
“McDonald’s?? If you want to eat a delicious hamburger, I know a better place.”
“Iie, hamburger is always hamburger!”
“I wonder… I’ve never been in a place like this.”
“EH?!? Hontou ni??”
“So don’t leave my side. It’s a war to the last hamburger when you come in.”

Nino smirked and grabbed Ohno’s hand again. They reached an empty table where Nino asked his boss to wait. Ohno sat down looking around. There were a lot of different people: families, friends, couples. We look like a couple, he thought and smiled happily.
“Why are you so happy?” asked Nino who just came back with a full tray.
“Jaa~ Itadakimasu.”

They began to eat silently. Ohno was focused on his hamburger and Nino was staring amusedly at his boss. In just some hours he completely changed his opinion of Ohno. He wasn’t a spoiled rich boy but a nice and natural guy who took everything easy, but at the same time paying attention to the people around him. But it was Ohno’s naïve side that attracted Nino that night. He wished to know more and more about Satoshi ‘cause he was a really interesting man.
“What? Is there something stuck on my face?”
“Iie, I was just thinking you’re cute.”

Ohno blushed, looking down at his chips. Nino smiled and began to talk randomly about Satoshi’s hobbies. He just wanted to let his boss feel comfortable and know something new about him. But why? …it’s just interest; I’m not in love… When he asked about the bakery, Ohno began to talk non-stop with a charming light in his eyes. They spent about an hour eating and chatting and Nino found a new Satoshi, a man he never knew. He was surprised that his ideas of his boss were totally wrong. He completely changed his opinion. And it was hard to accept but it was the truth. Satoshi was a very cute gentleman.
“Would you like to visit the bakery?”
“It would be interesting.”
"Should we go?”
“Isn’t it closed yet?”
“Yes, but I’ve got the key. I’m the owner after all.”
“Oh, you’re right. Well, it’s not a bad idea. Ikou.”


They arrived at the bakery around 9 o’clock and Ohno showed Nino all the shop. There were some left-overs and Nino asked what they would do with them.
“They will be thrown away tomorrow.” 
“Nande? They’re still edible, aren’t they?”
“Yes, do you want to try?”
“May I?”
“Of course.”

Ohno went behind the counter to get a plate and put some bread on it. They went in the kitchen and sat at a little table.
Nino took a round roll and asked what the flavor was.
“That’s Olive-pan.”
“Yes, there’re olives inside."

Nino tried a bit.
“Hontou? Try this one, it’s delicious”.

Nino took a bite and cried: “AH Chocolate?? Oishii!”
“It’s Choco-pan. One of my favorite”.
“Hontou? Jaa~ “ 
Nino divided the bread in two parts and gave one to his boss.
“For me? It’s okay. I eat it every day.” 
“But it’s your favorite and I don’t like eating with someone staring at me”.
Ohno took the piece of bread and took such a big bite that some chocolate got stuck on his cheek. Nino sweetly smiled.
“Mite Satoshi! You’re such a mess!”
Nino leaned over Ohno to clean his cheek but lost his balance and when his boss tried to help, their lips met. Satoshi immediately looked down embarrassed and murmured: “Gomen…”
Nino, eyes widened stayed silent, not knowing what to do. It wasn’t the first time they kissed. It happened two days ago too when they had sex in the bathroom, but this time was different. Nino touched  his lips lightly and felt like wishing for more. He looked at Ohno who was staring at the table and then Nino stood up and reached for him. Satoshi raised his head to find a smiling Nino putting a finger under Ohno’s chin and kissed him. At first it was a light kiss, but then Satoshi stood up and deepened it. As Nino thought, everything was different. There was more passion and desire between them and without noticing, their hearts were beating fast. Nino gently pushed Ohno to sit on the table and began to unbutton his shirt. He kissed every cm of Ohno’s chest and then came back to his sweet lips.
“Satoshi…” Nino murmured, “I want you, is it okay with you?”
Ohno blushed looking into Nino’s lustful eyes and nodded.
“I will be gentle this time.”
He took off his t-shirt, and then went down to unbutton Ohno’s jeans taking them off with his boxers and began to lick his member that was already hard. Satoshi moaned and that was the best sound for Nino. He kept on sucking and licking until Ohno’s moan became loud and he understood his boss was longing for more. So he took off his jeans and boxers showing his hardness. He positioned himself between Satoshi’s legs and with just one fast thrust, entered into that tight hole. Ohno screamed and bit his lips so Nino bent over to kiss him and murmured: “Daijobu?”
Ohno nodded but Nino wasn’t convinced.
“I will wait until you’re ready” and kissed him again, caressing his hair gently. After a while Ohno himself began to move slowly and invited Nino to do the same. They were moving together, following a melody just the two of them were hearing and Ohno’s sweaty and lustful face was the best view for Nino. They came together after some more thrusts and then Satoshi lay down on the table while Nino sat next to him and kissed his forehead.
“You said you’d be more gentle this time.”
“That’s my way to be gentle.”

Ohno smiled and invited Nino to rest on his arm. They stayed in that position for a while without speaking. Just hearing Satoshi’s loud breath was enough for Nino. Then the boss screamed:
“Yabai! We have to clean everything!”
“In two hours the employees will be here to prepare the bread!”

They stood up and put their clothes back on, then cleaned everything and left the bakery.
“I don’t know if I love you.”

Ohno stopped. They were walking in a park to go to Nino’s apartment which was the closest. He slowly reached a bench and sat down. Nino followed him silently.
“It’s okay. I never thought you would fall for me anyway.”
“It’s not like that. Yesterday I was sure we were living in two different worlds and I really hated yours. I thought you were a rich spoiled brat without any particular goal or interest, but I was wrong. In just some hours I completely changed my opinion of you.”
“So what do you think now?”
“I think you’re a cute guy, and I found out that you’re also gentle and that you care for the people around you.”
“It’s for the bet, right?”
“Eh? You knew?” 

Nino’s eyes widened and his heart was beating fast. Now that he was finally ready to tell everything to his boss, he was worried he’d be rejected.
“Yes, I over-heard your conversation with Sho-kun yesterday.”
“It’s not like that, Satoshi! I really came on this date just for the contract and I had planned with Macchan to let you believe we were a couple. But like I already said, the Satoshi I knew was different from the Satoshi  in front of me. I don’t know if I already love you, but for now I want to know more and more about you and I hope you’ll let me ‘cause I really like this new Satoshi.”
Ohno stayed silent. He was looking at the sky.
“Look at that star…” murmured.
“Where? I can’t find any stars.”
“It will shine when our love blooms.”
“That’s your answer?”
“Arigato Satoshi”
murmured Nino looking at the sky with him and holding his hand.


YEEYYYY!!!! Ohmiya now is a couple ne~?? Or maybe something like that LOL how I love this Ohno who would do anything for his Nino ç____ç 

See you in the next chapter (^,,^)y


Aug. 22nd, 2011 12:02 pm (UTC)
Ow thank you sooooooo much for giving me some Ohmiya sweetness...
Kyaaa how cute those two are...
Thank you it make me happy to know Nino finally to like Ohchan...
Ohchan ganbatte ne...
I will always supported you, so don't give up yet...
And Nino glad you would reconsider Ohcha to be your lover this time... :))
Thanks for the update...
See you again... :)
Aug. 22nd, 2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
well.....we will see how things will go for them *mean writer*
thanks for following my fanfic ;D