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[Multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 4/??

Title: Plotting with the devil 4/??
Autor: vikyfaxerfeit  
Beta: imsandi  
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: PG 13

Disclaimer: i don't own Arashi nor the other idols who will appear.....but i wish to claim them as mine in the future ùù maybe i could buy the Jimusho xD

Chap #01  ||  Chap#02  ||  Chap#03

“Macchan…I’ve made a mess”.
“Today I met Sakurai-san…”
“I said you’re my boyfriend”.
They were having dinner when Nino told Aiba who almost chocked. He explained the first part of his meeting, leaving out the contract.
“What should I do if he shows up tonight?” asked a worried Aiba.
“Be the same as you were yesterday”.
“YADA! I won’t sleep with him again!”
“Baka. I mean you can behave like always. Just if he asks you will say we’re together”.
“I don’t know if I can…You know how I act weirdly when I lie”.
“You don’t have to lie. It’s not necessary to say the words ‘couple’ or ‘boyfriend’. Just say we live together. It’s the truth, isn’t it?”
“You’re an evil genius!”
“I take that as a compliment”.


An hour later, Aiba was running to the club. When he finally arrived, the owner smiled and said with his usual quiet voice:
“Good boy, you’re on time”.
“Gomen. I didn’t notice it was so late”.
“Daijoubu. Go change”.
When Aiba went in the changing room, an unpleasant guest made his appearance.
“Tanaka-sama, Irasshaimasen the owner greeted, “I’m sorry, we haven’t opened yet, so if you could wait a little here with me…”
“I’m not here to have fun, Kimura-san. I’m looking for Aiba Masaki”.
the owner understood everything. 

Tanaka Koki was the boss of a little yakuza clan and a usual guest of the Blue Rose. Actually he was also Kazuya Kamenashi’s boyfriend. Most probably Kame said him about the date on the next day and Tanaka went there to make sure Aiba Masaki would stay away from his boyfriend.
“If I can ask, Tanaka-san…Would you settle your private matters outside?”
“Who do you think I am?! I came purposely here before the business, not to cause you troubles. TSK!”
“And can I ask not to hurt my boys too much?”
“Hai, hai. I will just scare that brat so that he will know who Kazu belongs to”.
“Arigatou gozaimasu, Tanaka-san. I’ll go call Aiba-chan. In the meantime you can order something to drink”.
“Yeah, whiskey”.
The owner made a gesture to the bartender who already knew what to do, then went to the changing-room.

“Kamenashi-kun…Tanaka-san is here”.
“Hontou?” asked Kame excited.
“He came here to talk to Aiba-chan”.
“He’s my super cool boyfriend!”
“What did you say to him?”
“Just that Aiba-san asked me out”.
“It’s a lie!”
“It’s not, we will have a date tomorrow”.
“Yes, but the idea was yours!”
“Daijobu Aiba-chan. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be in the hospital for two weeks”.
EEEEHH?!?!? KOWAI!! Sachou, where’s the emergency exit??”
“Behave yourself! He won’t beat you up. He just wants to speak with you and if the situation becomes dangerous, I will help. Okay?”
“Hai…” said a worried Aiba.
When the three went out of the room, they found Tanaka-san peacefully chatting with Sakurai while Jun was filling the shaker.
“Darling! What are you doing here?” Kame asked happily, acting as if he knew nothing. Koki turned towards his boyfriend then pointed his finger at Aiba.
“Aiba Masaki, right?”
Tanaka-san shortened the distance and looked straight into Aiba’s eyes.
“Stay away from Kazu” he whispered with a dangerous tone.
“Good boy!” he smiled patting Aiba’s shoulder.
“ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!” said the host, sighing with relief.
“Now, if everything is settled…” Sakurai chimed in, “…I would like to chat with Aiba-chan since it is almost time to open the club”.
“Of course Sakurai-san, can you wait at your usual table?”
“Yeah, I will come after drinking Jun’s Bloody Mary”.

Some minutes later the Blue Rose officially opened and Aiba joined the lawyer.
“Konbawa” greeted the host smiling gently.
“How can you be so relaxed after being unfaithful?”
“What do you mean?”
“What would Ninomiya-san think if he knew we had sex?”
Aiba’s eyes widened. What was Sakurai trying to do? Anyway Aiba had to think of something to distract his guest. If Sakurai knew that Nino lied, his best friend would be in trouble.
“Betsunii. How was your day?”
Sho ignored Aiba and began to talk to himself.
“So if I spill something out, he’d do nothing. Strange…today he was so arrogant and jealous. With that line… ‘Don’t play with his feelings’. Tsk, who does he think I am?! But I have to admit he’s funny…and sexy. I can understand why Satoshi-kun fell in love with him”.
“A no ~ is it a habit to suddenly talk to yourself?”
“Ah, gomen? Did you hear?”
“Of course, I’m not deaf!”
Sakurai looked at Aiba’s pouting face and blushed a little. That man was really cute…sometimes.
“What happened Sakurai-san? Are you feeling bad?” asked Aiba putting his hand on Sakurai’s forehead. The lawyer was a bit shocked at first, and then he took Aiba’s hand from his face and ordered something to drink. While Aiba went to get the drink, Sakurai thought of a plan and when the host was back, the whole plan was already settled.
“You’re free tomorrow since Kamenashi-kun dumped you, right?”
Aiba looked at Tanaka-san who was all lovey-dovey with Kame and his back shivered.
“Souka…I wish to have a double date, will you come?”
“Why should I?”
“Souka, souka…It’s a pity since Ninomiya-san will be there too”.
“Nino..?!? Nande??”
“Don’t you know? He has to go out with Satoshi-kun”.
“What do you mean?! Who’s Satoshi-kun?”
Aiba was worried. Nino didn’t say anything about this. Why did he have to go out with this Satoshi?
“Matte, Satoshi?? AH! Satoshi is his boss!”
“You don’t really know?” asked Sakurai pleased by this unexpected development.
“Yes, I really don’t know so…EXPLAIN!”
“Satoshi-kun fell in love with Ninomiya-san. I asked your boyfriend to go out with him and he agreed. What do you think now?”
“I…I…I can’t believe it! Nino is not such a simple guy to do something for free!”
“So what will you do tomorrow?”
Aiba stayed silent. Why didn’t Nino say anything? Yes, he had sex with his boss, but he said he didn’t love him so why did he agree?! Aiba’s thoughts were more and more confused and he couldn’t find an answer.
“Why are you hesitating? Don’t tell me…are you jealous?”
“AH?! Oh, of course I’m jealous!” lied Aiba in a clumsy manner.
“I might repeat myself, but you’re a strange couple. Anyway, will you come?”
“Where and when?”
Sakurai thought for a while.

…Where would be a funny place for Satoshi to have fun with Nino? We could go to an art exhibition but Ninomiya doesn’t look like the type who enjoys art. Fishing? DAME! Satoshi-kun would be more focused on his fishing rod than Ninomiya-san. Akihabara…it fits perfectly for Ninomiya but Satoshi… I don’t really know if he likes this kind of places…

“You look troubled. How about an amusement park?”
“AH!” Sakurai looked straight into Aiba’s eyes and smiled brightly. “You’re a genius!”
Aiba blushed and turned to look away.
“Ok, give me your e-mail address. Tomorrow morning I will send you all the details”.


Here i am!!! Sorry for the late but my pc wouldn't work! 
Now i'm back! ;D
I've to scream a BIG THANKS to imsandi  who kindly betaed my fanfiction and helped with my bad english xD
ARIGACHU!!!! =(^___^)=y
in the next chapter they will go on a date ... but what couples?!? Aimiya and Yama or Ohmiya and Sakuraiba? LOL xD
see you soon!! ;D


Aug. 9th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
thenks for reading ;D