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[multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 2/??

Title: Plotting with the devil
Genre: angst, romance, smut
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Rating: RG-17  *cof-cof*
N/A: a long longed chapter xD LOLLING! 

Disclaimer: i don't own Arashi nor the other idols who will appear.....but i wish to claim them as mine in the future ùù maybe i could buy the Jimusho xD

When the Blue Rose closed, Aiba followed Sho to his apartment which was really big and elegant.
"Sakurai-san must be a very bright lawyer to have such flat!" guessed Masaki. 
"Feel at ease. Would you like something to drink?" 
"Yes, thank you".
It wouldn't be bad to be a little more drunk since that was going to be his first time with a stranger. Aiba was nervous and embarrassed but more he was afraid not to know how behaving.
"Tell me, why you became an host?"
"Why are you asking?"
"'Cause you don't seem to fit for this job".
"It can't be helped" smiled Aiba, "I don't fit any job. Actually i don't fit anything. So i can just start something anew and learn little by little".
"Go home".
"EH?! Nande??"
"It's for your sake. Just go home..."
"Have i done something wrong? AH! I talked too much! Gomennasai! I won't do it again!"
"Aiba-kun..." whispered Sho shortening the distance between their lips. Masaki startled but didn't push his guest away. On the countrary he enjoyed the kiss, it was perfect. Their tongues were dancing and battling together like they always knew what to do. Then everything ended. Sho stopped the kiss and said again: "Go home now".
Aiba didn't argue about, still confused by the kiss. He greeted Sakurai-san hoping to see him again at the club.
"I hope it too".
While Aiba was going out the apartment, the lawyer stared at his back thinking to pay another visit at the Blue Rose the next night.




"Ohayo Aiba-kun!" 
"What time is it?" murmured Aiba hiding his face under the blanket.
"It's 7 o'clock. I've to go to work".
"I don't!"
"Of course! You came back home at 3 am tonight. But you have to cook my breakfast, remember?"
".........wakatta" said Aiba lazily getting up.
The one who woke him up was Ninomiya Kazunari, one of his best friends from High School. Nino was living in Tokyo, working as a game developer in a big company. When they were children and hanged out together, Aiba never remebered Nino without his Game Boy. Then, thanks to his addiction to videogames, Nino decided to study in Tokyo and when they parted from each other, Aiba was crying like a baby as they would never meet again. 
"Baka..." said Nino that time, before taking the train, "You can come to meet me anytime".
"Wakatta" mumbled Aiba sniffing.
And five years later they were living together since Aiba was left without one yen and with a bunch of debts to pay. He didn't want to be a burden for his family, so he run away and when Nino knew the situation he immediately invited Aiba to stay at his place with the promise that he would cook breakfast for Nino every morning. 

"Breakfast is ready! Itadakimasu!"
They began to eat the toasted bread Aiba prepared with butter and jam, then Nino said: 
"How was yesterday night?"
"Okay..You know! An awesome guy asked me out!"
"Ounto? And you?"
"I went to his house and then that..."
"OK OK! I don't want to hear!"
e didn't do anything if you're thinking about sex, but we kissed".
"Macchan, are you sure you want to keep up with this job? You know you can still search for a better one".
"Where...? It's alright Nino. Two month has already passed since I came here and despite of all the hunting, nobody want to hire me".
"You can try a part-time job".
"Maybe, but i will spend all my life to pay my debts. You know, being an host is profitable and funny. Daijobu!"
Aiba was trying to reassure Nino that everything was okay, but he was the first one to be worried. Being an host in a gay club was alright since he was gay from the beginning but having sex with strangers...he never did it! Actually he just had sex with a man, the one he loved from the bottom of his heart. Until an year ago, Aiba was sure they would never break up. Well, actually they never broke up. His boyfriend just run away with all his money. Maybe the old Aiba Masaki would have problems to deal with this kind of job, but now with a borken heart and a mistrust for everything love-related, he didn't think it was so bad being an host. That anxiety was just because he was always clumsy and careless and he feared to do something wrong. Sakurai-san wouldn't agree, thought.
"Why am I thinking of that jerk?!" 
Nino startled."WHO?!"
"You said your thoughts out loud...again".
"Ah! Gomen! I was thinking about the man I met yesterday night. He said I don't fit being an host".
"I agree and would lovely listen to the whole story but unfortunately I've to rush to work since 'someone' was late this morning" Nino said sarcastically. "When you start working tonight?"
"I've to be at the club at 8 o'clock".
"So we won't meet. I've to go to karaoke with my boss".
"You hate karaoke!"
"I hate my boss more! Ittekimasu~" screamed Nino from the hallway. 


At 8 o'clock Aiba was at the Blue Rose already changed and ready.
"Yo!" greeted Jun, "How was yesterday night?"
Then he went to the changing room without waiting for an answer. He was followed by Kamenashi Kazuya, a young man who was always flirting around. 

"Onegai Jun-kun!"
"You're asking for a date with me just to make your boyfriend jealous, am I right?"
"HAI! And you're the most handsome guy I know. I'm sure it will work!"
"Dame, I've booked a massage for Thursday. Don't ask favours on my day off".
"If you're so desperate, ask the newbie".
"He's not perfect like you!"
"Well, i'm pleased but you know, perfection is boring". [KimuTaku's quote]

"I've already heard this line".
"Sachou said it".
"Souka...jaa~ will you help me?"
"Ok, ok! Cool yourself, i'll ask the newbie".

Aiba was sitting at the counter, chatting with the owner about something trivial, when Kame asked:
"Aiba-kun, konbawa! How was yesterday night?"
"Why everyone is asking about yesterday?!"
"You had sex with Sakurai-sama! It's normal to ask!"
"Well, we've done nothing if it's just what you want to know".
"Nothing?! BAKA DESU KA?! You had one of the most gorgeous men in the world and what do you do?! NOTHING?! Sachou...dismiss him!"
"Kamenashi...urusai! You're exagerating as always" said the owner.
"HAI! Ne~ Aiba-chan, are you free this Thursday?"
Aiba thought for a while. On Thursday the club was closed and he just had to cook breakfast for Nino then help the sweet granny who was living next to them to do some shopping.
"I'm free in the afternoon...I think to finish around 2 o'clock, so..."
"Eh?! Demo..."
"Don't worry! I don't like you" joked Kamenashi running happily to the changing room.
"What's the meaning of that?" 
"It's just a lovers'fight. He wants to make his boyfriend jealous".
"Ah so...it won't be dangerous, right?"
The owner patted Aiba on his shoulder and went to fix his hair, ready to welcome the guests.
The night went by smoothly until midnight, when Sakurai made his appearance. He asked for the company of Jun and Masaki then they spent an hour talking about the Thai massage Sho had some day before. The lawyer seemed to ignore Aiba. When the latter talked, Sho didn't pay attention and was always focused on Jun therefore Aiba thought he was angry at him.
"Aiba-kun...I'd like to drink a scotch".
smiled Masaki going to ask the bartender. A minute later he was back and the guest said:
"When i'll finish to drink, I want you to come again with me".
"May I...?"
"You must".
"Arigatou gozaimasu!" thanked Aiba smiling brightly.
So now he could settle all the matter happened the last night. He was really relieved that Sakurai-san asked him out again...but why?? Well, of course it was for his pride, WHAT ELSE?! He was really upset when Sakurai-san rejected him an that surely hurt his pride. Of course Sakurai Sho was an important guest whom Aiba had to please with all his might ... there was no other reason behind his relief! 
At 2 o'clock they take their leave to Sakurai's apartment. The ride was silent and that awkard atmosphere made Aiba feel upset. When finally they reached the apartment, Aiba looked around to find something suitable for a conversation. The last night he didn't pay so much attention, but now he could say that Sakurai Sho was a very logic man. Everything was organized, even the remote had its place. In the living room there was a simple white couch in front of a big TV and a little library with a lot of DVDs and CDs. He went there to check Sakurai's tastes but he found out the lawyer listened to such ordinary music. 
"Do you like music?" asked Sho out of the blue.
"Eh? YES! Of course! I like a lot..." but he stopped. 
All of a sudden he felt uneasy. What if he'd fail again? What if Sakurai-san will be annoyed again by his behavior? 
"What happen?" asked again Sho looking at Aiba's worried face.
"Nothing. I just happened to remember something important".
This time I won't fail
, thought Aiba smiling at his 'guest'.
"Did you think of what I said yesterday?"
"You mean the fact I don't fit my actual job, right?"
Sho nodded.
"May I show you something?"
The lawyer looked curious at the host who was approching him. Aiba shortened the distance between them and kissed Sho. At first it was just a touch of lips, then their tongues began to battle like the night before but this time there was more passion in that kiss...more attraction between their bodies. Aiba passed his hands on Sho's back exploring every cm through the jacket that soon was left on the floor. The shirt was also an hindrance to Aiba so he began to unbotton it, wanting to see the much talked perfect body of Sakurai Sho. But maybe the lawyer was not satisfied with the situation 'cause he stopped Aiba's hands and grabbed his hips pushing both of them on the couch and taking off Aiba's shirt.
"Wow..."  whispered Sho, "...you're beautiful, baby".
Aiba looked away embarassed while a pleased Sho attacked his right nipple. 
"Aahh...motto..." said Masaki moaning loudly.
Sho traced a line 'til the belly button with his tongue, then he looked at the bulge on Aiba's trousers and didn't wait to take them off. Sho's hands went into Aiba's boxer tracing all his hardness. Aiba moaned closing his eyes to enjoy the touch. 
"Do you like it?" asked Sho with a malicious voice taking off Aiba's boxer. Aiba could just answer with a whisper 'cause his breath broke when Sho took the cock in his mouth. The sensation of pleasure was great and Aiba was enjoying that perfect blowjob but at the same time he felt like something was wrong. 
"S-Sakurai-san...matte!" said the host when Sho slipped a finger into his hole. Although his request, Sho continued with his work and added another finger making the latter grab the sofa-cover. Aiba was at his limit and tried to make Sho know.
"I..I'm co..." and Sho immediately stopped murmuring in his left ear "Good job Masaki..."
Then Sho unweared and positined himself between Aiba's legs entering him with a fast thrust. The host bited his lips not to scream but Sho kissed him right away to lighten the pain. 
"Daijobu..." murmured Aiba in the kiss, "...daijobu desu..."
The lawyer began to move slowly looking carefully at Aiba's expression and when the latter moaned again like some minute ago, Sho fastened his rhythm. 
"Ah! Masaki...yes!"
His mind was blank and all he could feel was the pleasure Aiba was giving him. On the other hand Aiba was moaning like a cat asking for more. Sho, feeling at his limit, grabbed Masaki's cock and began to stroke with the same rhythm. Some thrust later, they came together feeling satisfied. Sho lied on the couch embracing Aiba's chest in his arms. 
"Kimochi..." said the host in a whisper that Sho couldn't hear. They stayed in that position for a while, enjoying the sweet feeling of peace and tiredness that come after the sex. 
"Now you know..." said Sakurai suddenly with a serious tone. 
"You have to quit".
"Like I already said, you don't fit this job so I want you to quit".
"And who the hell are you to give me orders?!" said Aiba pissed off, getting up and picking all his clothes from the floor.
"It looks like you will easily fall in love and you will be decived by it with the same easyness. If you keep with this job, I bet you'll end up with a broken heart and guys like you can become really cinical. You know? it would be a waste if a cute guy like you will lose his sweetness" explained Sakurai looking at Aiba who was getting dressed.
"And you know?? The cynic here is YOU! And now i'm really hurt by you but unfortunately i'm not in love!" screamed the latter going to the door.
"Where are you going? I'm ready for another round".
"Help yourself! BAKA!" screamed again Aiba slamming the door. 


ja-jan!!! Finally i finished the second chapter...actually it was ready for awhile. but i couldn't connect to the net T^T 
btw tell me what do you think about ^^ 


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Jun. 29th, 2011 06:31 pm (UTC)
thanks to you for reading ;D
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It's cool! Thank you! Aiba is so hot and cool!!! Write more!) I wait next chapter!)
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