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[One-shot] The party failed!

Title: The party failed!
Genre: fluff and friendship
Summary: it's Jun's 29th birthday and the other four decide to hold a special party.
Disclaimer: None of the guys are mine. I just own the plot and the ugly cake! xD 
Just a little clarification:
 - for sukiyaki I took the idea from Shiyagare 12/05/2012 with Aniki Guest Kitajima Kousuke;
 - for Ohno's present I took the idea from Scene Dome MC, where Ohno kept on saying that Jun was cute with that hairstyle xD
ENJOY!! ~ 

It was a strange day at work for Matsumoto Jun. He had just some shooting with his bandmates and then the four disappeared around 3:00 pm, saying something about taking a day-off. Therefore Jun found himself lying on the couch of their green room with the only company of his phone that kept on ringing because of congratulations' messages. He was a famous idol after all and although today was his birthday, he couldn't skip work. His schedule was packed until 8:00 pm and he felt already tired and pissed that he was the only one properly working. A deep breath escaped his mouth when he thought that something was fishy. Surely those four were planning something but he let that uneasy feeling aside when his manager finally came in the room to let him know that the nth interview was going to begin in some minutes. 
Meanwhile four men with their hands full of bags where trying to find the right key to unlock Matsumoto's apartment.
"Why does Jun-kun have so many keys?" Aiba asked curious looking at the bunch of keys in Sakurai's hand.
"Kuso!" Sho cried when another key failed to open the door.
"Let me try." Ohno said peacefully and gave his bags to Aiba before taking the keys from Sakurai. He looked close at every key and then at the lock and after a couple of fails, he was able to finally unlock the door.
"As expected of the master." Nino joked and licked his lips thinking about the last drama in which Ohno acted. Satoshi was really hot in that drama with the cameras focused on his lustful hands but he would never admit it in front of the actual person.
They went in the apartment and rushed to leave all of the bags on the kitchen's table while Nino cautiously put a colorful box in the fridge. 
"What's that?" Aiba asked curious, ready to open it but Nino stopped him and threated his friend not to touch it with a killer look painted on his face. 
"Okay, time to split the work." Sakurai said taking the lead. 
"O-chan can do banners and decorations." Nino suggested and everyone agreed.
"I will make sukiyaki with Sho-chan!" Aiba cried out with too much excitement. As always he was enjoying the situation to the max. The others looked at each other puzzled but they gave in because actually Aiba was the most experienced in cooking between them. Well, not that cooking sukiyaki was too difficult but that explained everything about the other three's cooking ability. 
"Then I will check that the house is tidy." Nino said casual. 
"Are you kidding me?? As if Jun would leave his house in a mess!" Sakurai protested. "You will help Satoshi-kun with decorations."
"Hai~" The gamer replied with an annoyed tone but he was actually glad to help Ohno. 
After a couple of hour they finally finished their preparations. There was a big banner in the living room with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congratulations from the four of them plus some other colorful decorations here and there. On the little table they already prepared a pot full of ingredients on top of a hot plate, chopsticks, glasses, two bottle of red wine and five bowls with an egg in each one. 
But then they looked around and found all of the mess done by Nino and Ohno behind the couch. Sakurai complained to them while Aiba laughed and patted the rapper on his shoulder, suggesting to clean everything together. Ohno took some pieces of paper from the floor and went to throw them in the kitchen.
"A re~?" He cried surprised when he came in the room.
"What happened?" Nino asked and joined him. 
The other two looked at each other with pale expressions and then they rushed in the kitchen.
"YOU BETTER CLEAN EVERYTHING BEFORE JUN WILL COME!" Nino cried out looking at all the mess the Sakuraiba couple made in the kitchen. All the stoves they used were still laying dirty in the sink and there were pieces of vegetables scattered on the floor and table. 
Fate is not so funny and it likes to make things worse. They just started to clean when they heard a familiar voice behind the main door. 
"DAMN! Where the hell did I lose my keys?" Jun said evidently pissed off.
"Don't mind, Matsumoto-san. Things just happen sometimes." Another voice said politely before a key was inserted into the lock. The four men in the apartment looked at the door and then at each other before silently hiding in the bathroom. Well, it was actually Nino and Sho dragging a clueless Ohno and an excited Aiba.
"Why are we hiding?" Masaki mumbled. "It wasn't in our plan."
"We did enough mess to be killed right at the spot, honey." Sho answered smiling at the pout of his boyfriend.
"Shut up." Nino whispered in a dried tone and turned all the lights off right in time. 
Some seconds later the door finally opened and an obvious annoyed Jun came into his apartment after bowing to the landlord who helped him. When he closed the door, he finally felt relaxed and as always he said: 
"Tadaima!" But then he noticed something was wrong.
"A re~? Why the kitchen's lights are on?" Jun asked to himself before cautiously going there.
"Damn." Nino cursed in a low voice. "We forgot the lights on." 
The other three looked at him in the darkness upon freeazing at Jun's scream. "WHAT THE...!!" 
He fixed with a pale face all the mess in kitchen and began to think of a series of unfortunate events that could have happened. It looked like some thiefs cooked something before leaving. He immediately went to check the rest of his home and when he turned on the lights in the living room, everything became clear. He saw the little party decorations and read the messages his bandmates wrote. A sweet smile appeared on his face when he noticed the pot on the table and to his surprise, it was sukiyaki. Probably they remembered that conversation about "what would you eat if it's your last meal?" on Shiyagare. He took his phone from the pocket and dialed Ohno's number. A ringtone began to echo in the room and following it, Jun found his leader's phone behind the couch under some pieces of paper and pencils. You may imagine how his face looked like when he saw all that trash on the floor. Well, if Riida's phone was here, it meant that they would soon come back or maybe they were already there. He dialed Sho's number, sure that the newscaster never let go of his phone and one of their latest singles began to ring from the bathroom. 
"Sho-chan! Cancel the call!" Aiba screamed before closing his mouth with both his hands. 
"Baka." Nino whispered, knocking him on the head. 
Jun leaned his ear on the door and laughed amused. And then a idea crossed his mind. He silently took a chair from the kitchen and blocked the bathroom's door while the other four, unaware of what was going on, were waiting with anxiousness and a bit of excitement, because they actually knew that his friend wouldn't stay angry for long. 
"Ah~ UMAI!" Jun cried out to make sure the others would hear him. "This sukiyaki is really good!" 
"Ah! He's eating without us." Ohno finally spoke trying to go out. "The door is blocked!" 
"Baka. How can it be blocked?" Nino tried to open it. "A re~? It's really blocked."
"This read wine is just perfect. I wonder who bought it." Jun kept on teasing his friends. 
"Mou~ Jun-kun, we are here!" Aiba screamed annoyed when his stomach growled and he tried to open the door with all his strenght that ended to break the handle.
"Aiba-chan!" Nino cried out and the three of them looked at the miracle boy with worry. 
"Now we are really dead." Sakurai said before listening to what Jun was saying. 
"Moshi-moshi, Keiji-san. I think there's a thief in my apartment. Actually I bet they're four."
"JUN-KUN!" Ohno finally spoke and called his bandmate with all his voice. 
"Hai, hai~ Never take a game too far." Jun said to himself heading to the bathroom. He moved away the chair and opening the door noticed the door knob in Aiba's hand. 
"What...? Oh, well. I'm not in the mood to be pissed-off tonight and I'm hungry." He said serious in front of four surprised and unbelievable expressions. 
"Gomen, Jun-kun." Aiba apologized and bowed his head. 
"If you are really sorry, you will clean my apartment after we are done eating."
"HAI!" The taller boy replied cheerfully and gave Jun a big and infectious smile of his that Jun couldn't help but smile too. Nino, Ohno and Sakurai felt relieved and followed the other two in the living room. Everyone took a bowl and chopsticks and Aiba noticed that the wine was still sealed and he asked to Jun:
"Didn't you drink the wine?"
Jun smirked and replied playfully: "No but you must serve me the first glass."
"Hai, Ouji-sama!" Masaki joked before opening the bottle and filling Jun's glass and then the others. 
Nino lifted his glass in the air and said:
"Happy birthday, Ouji-sama!" and the other followed his example laughing and enjoying their time. They ate peacefully and chatted about trivial things, screaming from time to time a "Happy Birthday, Ouji-sama" louder and louder while the wine already made them dizzy. When the bottles and pot were finally empty, Ohno suggested to give their presents to Jun. Aiba and Sho gave him a orange box with a big blue ribbon that turned out to be a stylish and expensive watch. Jun liked it very much and immediately wore it. Ohno gave him a big green bag with a painting. Jun looked at the painting and laughed: it was his portrait with a towel around his neck and a cute fringe falling on his face, his hair wet. 
"What's the maning of this?" Sho asked curious.
"I remembered when he had that peacock hairstyle an years ago. When he showered, he was really cute so I thought to paint that moment."
"You're a weird oji-chan." Nino pointed out and laughed. 
"Ohy! Then where's your present?" Ohno asked a little upset.
Nino looked like he was about to say something but Aiba butted in. "It's in the fridge!" And he run to take it.
"Well, I thought that Sukiyaki wasn't enough." 
"What do you mean?" Jun asked curious, looking at Aiba who came back with the colorful box.
Nino cleaned the table, leaving all the stuff on the floor and then helped Aiba to put the box on the table.
"Douzo~." Nino invited Jun to open the box and surprise was written all over his face when he saw the present but right away was replaced by a soundly laugh along with the others except Nino who cried out:
"What's so funny?"
"It's the ugliest cake I ever saw!" Riida said in between his laughter. 
"I'm not a pastry chef. I just did my best!"
"Ma~ ma~." Jun said still laughing. "Is it edible at least?"
"Of course! But since you have so many complaints, I'm going to throw it!" Nino turned away with an annoyed expression but Jun patted his shoulder and thanked him with a smile, saying proudly:
"Riida will be the tester."
"Eh? Ore~?" 
And then everyone laughed again, this time also Nino was amused by Satoshi's shocked face. They ate the cake and actually it was really good despite of the look. And in that moment, Jun looked at his bandmates smiling and enjoying their time, and he smiled back like an idiot, thankful to have such good friends.

Jun's cake

Here Nino's cake! Well, I actually baked it and I know it's ugly xD The sugar melted halfway in the process but well, my family already finished it so I bet it was good xD



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Aug. 30th, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC)
what a good birthday to Jun although it's a little bit failed xD
thank you for sharing this
happy Jun-day ^^
Aug. 30th, 2012 01:35 pm (UTC)
yeeyyyy xD
And thanks for reading ;D
Aug. 30th, 2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
Omg la torta è troppo carinaa!! Peccato per la glassa ;__;
Cmq il compleanno ce lo vedo troppo xDD Soprattutto che li chiude nel bagno hahaha
Aug. 30th, 2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
siiii sono stata scema perchè non ho aspettato che la crema si asciugasse e quindi la glassa si è sciolta nella crema xD
La prossima volta mi farò dare lezioni da Buddy xD
Quando ho scritto la scena del bagno avevo solo intenzione di farli uscire a sorpresa urlando HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ma poi non avrei saputo cosa far fare a Jun, perchè sarebbe stato imbarazzato secondo me in una situazione simile xD E quindi...DoS mode_ON
Aug. 30th, 2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
Hello, I'm christine & I'm find ur fic throudg arashirabu@lj

Love this story..so sweet and esp I love the bathroom part so funny...I can imagine it clearly on my head

And once again Happy Bday our lovely DoS Price <3
Aug. 30th, 2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
Welcome to my LJ ^O^
Thanks for reading and commenting ;D
I'm glad you liked it and I hope to hear from you again around here ;D
Aug. 30th, 2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
Btw If u don't mind I alr add u as friend..so evertime u release new fic I will notice it through my f-page :)
And I'm sorry if my Eng kinda weird bcoz Eng isn't my mother-language
Yoroshiku nee~ ^^v
Aug. 30th, 2012 07:41 pm (UTC)
I'd be glad to hear your opinions and comments about my fanfictions ^O^ Soon I will begin to post a new multi-chapter fanfic so stay tuned ;D
And don't worry for your english, I do a lot of mistakes too because it is not my first language ;D
Grammar doesn't matter if we can understand each other ;D
Aug. 30th, 2012 04:16 pm (UTC)
I will be happy if I can get friends like them.
And, Happy Birthday Jun!
Aug. 30th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks for reading and commenting!
Yeah, it would be great to have friends like them ;D
Aug. 31st, 2012 01:47 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing!
The story is cute :D I hope Jun had an awesome birthday like this! xD
And the cake also is cute, it's kinda... special xD I couldn't have done it better! :D
Aug. 31st, 2012 07:10 am (UTC)
^O^ Thanks for reading!
And for praising my "special" cake xD
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