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[Multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 17/19

Author: vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Disclaimer: If I owned Arashi, Ohmiya would already be married! >.<

a/n: LJ editor is pissing me off today -.- Whatever! 
I just apologize not to be able to hide the post and make the dialogues colorful >.< 

*DONE!! xD

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The Blue Rose just opened when Ikuta made his appearance. He greeted the owner and went straight to sit where Matsumoto was relaxing and testing some new cocktail from what Toma could see.
"What are you doing here?" Matsumoto asked with a distant tone. "It's dangerous."
"It's Koki-san territory. Sakurai senior won't dare to mess with him just because of me." Matsumoto took another sip of his cocktail as if he didn't care for what Toma was saying and so the playboy asked serious as hell with a hint of worry in his voice:
"Where did you spent the whole day? I tried to call you but your phone was turned off and you didn't even come home."
"It's none of your business." Jun kept that distant behavior that was making Toma mad.
"I bet you had sex with some random guy, am I wrong?"
"Look who's talking! You were making out with Sakurai-san just some hours ago!" He blurted out finally showing his frustration. "If you think I did something like that, then you really don't know me." Jun added with a sad tone and a hurtful expression that Toma never saw. He decided it was the right time. Now or never.
"You're right. But I'd like to know you better from now on." He said taking Matsumoto's hands in his. "I think I love you, Jun."
The number one host blushed. He didn't expect such a direct confession. He tried to get a grip of himself and replied sarcastically: "You think? You're just playing around like always."
"I'm not! I know it! It took me a while but now I'm sure of what I feel. I really love you, Jun... And you love me back, aren't you?"
Matsumoto smiled brightly upon seeing a charming smirk printed under that captivating nose that he liked so much. "I do."
"Then say it." Toma jokingly ordered.
"Baka!" Jun blushed for the second time in some minutes. It was a record! "I will never say it!" He blurted out embarrassed.

In another corner of the pub, Aiba was focused on the entrance. He was nervously biting his lower lip because deep in his heart, he hoped for Sakurai to show up sooner or later. His love for Sho was so strong that Masaki would have forgiven him in the exact moment Sho would set foot in the club. But the lawyer didn't come.
It was around 3 o'clock when every guest in the club was gone, that Kimura-san gathered all of the staff to announce the departure of
 Aiba. Well, they already knew it because news spread fast with Kamenashi around. Aiba thanked everyone for the time they have spent together and accepted a little bouquet of flowers with teary eyes and a sweet smile. Kame hugged him and said to keep in contact then Aiba bowed and bid farewell, going out of the club for the last time.
Matsumoto immediately followed him and pushed Toma to apologize.
"Ano~ Aiba-chan... GOMEN!" Ikuta cried out embarrassed startling the poor man.
"You don't have to apologize, Toma-san." Aiba said smiling sadly. "I hope you will take care of Sho-kun."
"I can't." Toma said bluntly. "And you need to have a good talk with him, Aiba-chan. I bet he's still awake, we can give you a ride there." He added looking at Jun who nodded giving consent.
"I don't think I will be able to listen to him." 
"On the contrary I bet you want to." Matsumoto winked at him and smiled sure that Aiba would agree.
"I hope you will figure out why Sakurai-kun acted this way." Toma added encouraging him.

And now here he was, in front of that building, unsure if he should buzz the entry phone or not.
"Take a grip of yourself!" He thought pressing the button.
"Who's there?" Sakurai's voice asked. It sounded strange to Aiba's ears but he thought it was just the entry phone.
"Ore... ah, Aiba desu."
There was a moment of silence and then Sakurai asked:
"What do you want?"
"I just want to..." He tried to find an excuse. "Ah, I need to give you the spare key back and to take something I left here."
He didn't receive any reply but the front door opened and he went to Sakurai's apartment with heavy feet and a grip in his stomach. Sakurai was waiting for him at the entrance with a pale face a
nd deep bags under his eyes. When Aiba saw him, his heart lost a beat because it was painful to look at him in that state. He tried his best to smile and greeted him.
"I'm sorry for coming this late."
"It's okay. Come in." Sakurai replied with an empty tone and the latter followed him inside. He noticed that the lawyer had red eyes and wondered if he was crying before Aiba came in. The atmosphere was heavy and awkward, Sho didn't look at Aiba even for a second and, going to the kitchen, he said he would wait for Masaki to pick his things. Aiba just nodded and went in the bedroom. He sat on the bed and started thinking about his short but happy time with Sho. The lawyer was really rude and difficult to handle but Aiba was sure he fell in love from the very first night they spent together even if at first he didn't want to admit it. He looked around and on the nightstand, he found the tiger Sho gave him after their first date at the amusement park. He took the staffed-animal in his hands and his eyes became teary. It was a really fun date despite how it ended. Actually neither the end was bad. Yes, he came back home beaten up but Sakurai took care of him and it was one of the sweetest night in his memory. Like a flash, the words of those three yakuzas appeared in his mind. "I don't need your money anymore. I'm here to work." Work? So it meant someone paid them to hurt him. But who? A strange idea was passing through his mind. Could it be...? He was shocked for the sudden realization but the confusion immediately gave his place to an upset feeling. He realized that Sho took all the pain on his shoulders and tried to protect him, leaving Aiba unknowing. He bitterly smiled at the tiger and whispered:
"Now I understand..."
He went in the kitchen taking the tiger with him and sat in front of Sakurai who was staring at the surface of the table with empty eyes.
"Ne~ Sho-kun." Aiba began to talk, gaining Sakurai's attention who finally looked at him. "I don't know what's going on in your mind and why you don't trust me, but..." He paused. "Do you remember what you said the day after Matsuoka's death?"
"No, I don't." Sho replied serious and Aiba didn't understand if the lawyer was lying or if he really forgot.
"I remember..." He said smiling and started to quote Sho's words:
"Masaki... don't pretend in front of me. Be yourself. I just want to help you, Masaki. If you're feeling sad, you can cry on my shoulder. If you're angry, you can shout against me. If you're happy, I want to laugh with you. That's my only desire."
Sho looked down to hide his teary eyes and was startled when he heard what Aiba added:
"I was saved by those words. But now I really hope you would do the same with me. If you're angry or sad, share your pain with me."
"I... I can't." The lawyer mumbled hesitant.
"Why?" Sakurai didn't reply, his eyes still focused on the table. Aiba sadly looked at him and felt defeated.
"Then I guess we're really over."
Masaki stood up and went to the door, Sho followed him silently. He was about to open the door but instead he turned to face Sho and said with his puppy eyes:
"Then... Goodbye."
"Wait." Sakurai murmured and looked surprised by himself like he didn't planned to say that word.
"Have you something to say?" The latter asked with anticipation but Sho stayed silent and thought for a while. He really wanted to hug the cute man in front of him and was about to yield but the thought of Aiba being hurt by his father stopped him. He decided to do something despicable so that Masaki would go away without hesitation and the first thing that came to his mind was:
"I want to fuck you."
Aiba's eyes widened and when Sakurai felt his cheek hurting because of a slap, he was sure to never see his lover again. He didn't want to look at Aiba going away from him so he kept his eyes closed but then instead of hearing the slam of the door, he felt something soft on his lips. He immediately opened his eyes perplexed and when he realized that Masaki was kissing him, his defense broke down and he hugged his lover tightly, kissing him back.
"I want it too." Aiba whispered, breaking the kiss and hiding his face in Sho's chest. "For the last time."
Sakurai took Masaki's face in his hands, looked straight into his eyes and without saying anything, he kissed him heatedly. He then pushed Masaki against the wall and started to unbutton Aiba's shirt some seconds before it fell on the floor and then he traced the collarbone with his tongue upon sucking greedily and leaving a wide love mark. A moan of pleasure left the other's mouth while his hands were struggling to take off Sho's t-shirt that followed Aiba's shirt on the floor. Sho's hands went down to tease the nipples while his mouth came back on kissing Masaki's red lips. Both men were taking their time because they wanted to feel every touch, every sensation and every thrill and print them in their minds. The lawyer tasted every inch of Aiba's skin and got down in front of Aiba's bulge, unbuttoning his jeans and making them fall on the floor. Through the boxer, he teased the already hard member and Masaki couldn't help but lean on the wall because he felt his knee tremble from the pleasure. "Sho..." He murmured with husky voice. "Onegai."
Sakurai stood up again and bit h
is lover's earlobe before whispering: "Not here."
He pulled Masaki on the couch upon rushing to take off the last piece of clothing that was covering Aiba. Without hesitation, Sho engulfed the hard member in front of him and played on it with his tongue because he knew how Aiba loved it and, indeed, the latter was enjoying that blowjob with a lustful expression that would have immediately turn Sho on, if he wasn't already hard enough. The latter arched his hips asking for more and Sho replied to that silent demand, sucking hard while one of his fingers found his way to Masaki's hole and began to tease it. It was a little painful but still pleasant and upon hearing Aiba's moans, Sakurai added another finger and kept on thrusting in a steady pace.
"Sho-kun... wait..." Aiba moaned feeling that he was going to cum soon. But Sho didn't stop his torturing sucks on Masaki's member and made the latter cum in his mouth, swallowing everything with a lustful expression. Aiba felt suddenly tired and empty, he closed his eyes and stayed still on the couch, trying to breathe normally. Sakurai didn't wait long before sitting astride on Aiba and he kissed his lover again with more rush and need. Their tongues battled and danced together showing how much they needed each other and when Sho grabbed again Aiba's length, the latter whispered in the kiss: "Sho... I want... you."
The lawyer broke the kiss and smirked. "Wait, I'm going to take the lube."
Aiba nodded but when he felt Sho's weight part from him, a sudden loneliness grabbed his heart and he immediately hugged Sakurai and made him fall again on the couch.
"It's okay. I don't need it." He murmured still hugging his lover tightly. "Don't leave."
Sho hugged him back and hid his face in Aiba's neck, holding back the tears that were threatening to fall.
They stayed like that for a while but when the idea of Aiba being hurt by his father crossed Sho's mind again, he immediately broke the hug and thought that maybe it was a bad choice to have sex with Masaki. They stared at each other, Sho with a hurtful expression and Aiba with a worried look and then the latter smiled sadly and repeated resolute:
"Sho-kun, I want you."
"It's not a good idea. I don't know if I will be able to let you go." Sakurai gazed at his lover with one of the saddest looks that Aiba ever saw. He finally felt that what he thought was right. Sho was fighting against something painful and he didn't want to share the burden with Masaki.
"Why?" Aiba asked but betted to already know the answer.
"Do you remember when you left me and didn't give any explanation?" Sho said with a trembling voice and added, "Now it's my turn to ask you to stay away from me."
Aiba looked away not to show his teary eyes to Sakurai.
"Wakatta. I promise that tomorrow morning when you'll wake up, I won't be around. And you won't see me anymore." Masaki said and tried t
o smile again, looking back into Sho's eyes.
"Masaki..." Sho whispered sadly and caressed Aiba's cheek with the back of his hand. "Then for the last time, let me love you." He said before kissing his lover again.
The sex they had that night wasn't something rushed but neither passionate. It was real love shown in every touch and kiss that Sakurai left on Aiba's skin. When they were aroused again, Masaki asked his lover to take him and Sho didn't wait any second. He slowly entered in Aiba and looking at the latter's closed eyes, Sakurai gave him a kiss on his forehead and waited for him to relax. In fact more than physical pain, Aiba felt that his heart was threatening to explode any moment. To let Sakurai know that he was ready, he began to move and thought that maybe for some time he could forget that loneliness that was tying his heart. On the other hand, Sho paid attention to any expression his lover made, enjoying the pleasure he was receiving and at the same time giving to the latter. When they neared the climax, Sakurai began to stroke Masaki's hardness and after some more thrusts they came together, hardly breathing and moaning. Sho laid his head on Masaki's chest, listening to his crazy heart-beat. When he was able to breathe normally, he suggested to go to sleep in the bed but Masaki opposed and said:
"I want to stay here."
"We will catch a cold."
"Not if you bring a blanket." Aiba smiled tired.
"Ok, wait for me."
He came back after some moments with a towel and a blanket, helped Masaki to clean himself and then he covered both of them with the blanket, slowly falling asleep.
Aiba looked back at him with a painful expression and traced his features with a finger while tears escaped from his eyes. "Oyasumi." He whispered before falling asleep.


Here chapter 17 for you ^O^ I was a bit cruel but I regret NOTHING!!! ~(^=^)~ *dances*
So what do you think? Will aiba really leave Sakurai and they will finally be over or maybe...??
Just two more chapters to go ^O^

See you next week! ^O^ 
And thanks for reading!! ~♥


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Jul. 14th, 2012 11:44 am (UTC)
"Do you remember when you left me and didn't give any explanation?" Sho said with a trembling voice and added, "Now it's my turn to ask you to stay away from me." .. but Sho didn´t let Masaki alone in the past so Masaki should do the same and fight for Sho this time .. they belong together .. i couldn´t stand the 2 to be heartbroken because of the damn father :(
Jul. 14th, 2012 01:18 pm (UTC)
mmm...I don't want to spoiler anything >.<
I can just say that i don't love normal happy endings xD
Thanks for reading and commenting ^O^
Jul. 14th, 2012 01:19 pm (UTC)
that i don't love normal happy endings .. isn´t this spoiler enough XDDDDDD
Jul. 14th, 2012 01:20 pm (UTC)
well, you're right xD MY BAD! *tsukkomis herself*
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You will know next week ;D
Jul. 14th, 2012 01:46 pm (UTC)
:)I´m a Fan of not happy endings at all XDD so it would be OK to not tease me :p
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if you have troubles cuting the text with buttons, just edit it in HTML code... where you want the cut to start just type: if you want to add the text for the hidden stuff then use: when you want to end the cut (probably at the end of the post/text just type: that's all magic xDDD uuum will check how it goes with the colors, am not sure since I don't use them xD
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hehe take your time xD
Jul. 14th, 2012 02:31 pm (UTC)
this is sad :'(
I don't want they be apart~~
Sho must tell the truth to Aiba
wait for next
Jul. 15th, 2012 09:04 am (UTC)
mmm maybe in the next chapter you will find out that I'm not so cruel...maybe xD
thanks for reading and commenting ^O^
Jul. 14th, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
this chapter is so bittersweet.... My hunch was right about Sho not showing up at the bar, but I'm happy that Aiba got the courage to face Sho. I love how intelligent and sensitive Aiba is in this series. I do hope Sakuraiba will also have their happy ending.
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^O^ you will know soon what will happen ;D
thanks a lot for reading and commenting ^^
Jul. 14th, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Toma arigatou!!!!! thanks to him Aiba go to speak to Sho...
Poor Sho-chan, he was crying. His tactic hasn't worked. They finally end to make out on the sofa...Hope the next morning Aiba will stay with Sho and hasn't desappear...
But is Aiba knows why Sho is like this, why does he say nothing?

Waiting for the last chapters!!!

thanks for all!!!^^
Jul. 15th, 2012 09:06 am (UTC)
well, he's just hoping that Sho will open up his heart to him so he doesn't want to make him to tell him ;D
but you will know more in the next chapter ;D
Thanks for reading !! ^O^
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ok sto' piangendo come una scema .....T_T
mi viene voglia di prendere questi due testoni e fargli fare testa a testa ù.ù
Speriamo che al risveglio non si trovino il padre di Sho in casa o.o
in attesa del prossimo cap. vado a vedere Mikeneko ^_=
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ciao Silviaa!!!!
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^O^ great choice! Io sono bloccata alla puntata 10 xD sto aspettando i subs della 11 che tardano ad arrivare!! >.< maledetto Stormy!
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