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[Multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 13/??

Author: vikyfaxerfeit
Beta: andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Disclaimer: If I owned Arashi, Ohmiya would already be married! >.<

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A/N:  said that Friday is my free day, right?? Well, yesterday was the hell xD But here I am!!  

"Ah! Moshi moshi! Matsuoka..."
"Masaki... help me..." The voice coming from the other side of the call was low and tremulous but Masaki immediately recognized the owner.
"Oy Matsuoka! What happened?" He asked with a mixture of worry and anger.
"Sakurai's apartment..." Matsuoka whispered before ending the call. 
"Matsuoka is at Sho-kun's place."  Aiba said scared turning towards Toma and Matsumoto. What if something happened to Sho too?
"Okay, we'll go with my car!" Toma ordered, the other two men following him.
They didn't even know how Toma was able to arrive at Sakurai's apartment in ten minutes. Aiba rushed out of the car and through the stairs but some dangerous mug blocked his way.
"Ohoh!" Toma said. "What are two Sakurai's men doing here?"
"Ikuta-san." They bowed after continuing. "We had some business to do."
Aiba looked at him and then at the two man with confusion. 
"Aiba-chan, go ahead. I have some 'business to do' with these funny gentlemen." He didn't think twice and did as Toma said but stopped when he heard the men  groaning in pain. He turned around and looked shocked at Toma grabbing one man from the shirt while Matsumoto was keeping under bay the other one.
"It's okay, Aiba-chan. You can go." Ikuta said with a peaceful smile which left Aiba confused. Who the hell was that man?! 
He went ahead and arrived in front of Sakurai's apartment. It wasn't necessary to look for the key because the door was widely open.
"Matsuoka!" He screamed going into that familiar home. It was a mess, there were books and CDs on the floor and the table in the living room was broken. Aiba noticed some red stain on the couch after finding Matsuoka behind it, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He tried to wake him up and covered the big wound on Matsuoka's chest with his hand but it was too late. Some minutes later Ikuta and Matsumoto rushed into the apartment and found Aiba who was still trying to help the dead body. Matsumoto bent over Aiba and put a hand on his shoulder, sweetly saying:

"Aiba-chan, you can't do anything."
"But..." The latter whispered, a tear falling down his cheek.

"You did your best but it's too late. He's dead." Aiba turned towards Jun and looked at him with such a sad expression that Jun couldn't help but hug him.
"We must go away." Ikuta butted in with a worried voice.
"Isn't better to call the police?" Matsumoto asked helping Masaki to stand up.
"No, they will surely put the blame on Aiba-chan. He needs an alibi. We'll come back to the hospital like we never left." Ikuta suggested, approaching the dead body, looking for something in his pockets and finally found Aiba's savings book inside Matsuoka's jacket.
"You are too good in lying." Ikuta just smirked at that last sentence of Matsumoto who followed him, taking Aiba's hand in his and running to the car.

In no-time they came back to the hospital, Ikuta explained to Ohno what happened and they tried to call again Sakurai who this time picked up. They asked him to rush to the hospital and in a half an hour he was there.
"What happened?" He asked Ohno, worriedly looking at Aiba's shocked face.
"Matsuoka is dead. He is in your apartment. Toma said it's your father's doing."
"Why are we here?"
"Nino..." Satoshi murmured sadly. "Matsuoka beat him."
"Eh? Why?"
"I don't know. Aiba-chan is the one who talked with him."
"Ninomiya is okay, right?" The lawyer asked, hoping for a positive answer that immediately came with a reassuring smile from his friend. Yes, he was safe, just some injuries and wounds.
"Yokatta." Sakurai looked around and noticed that Toma and Matsumoto weren't there.
"They went to Nino's apartment to take a change of clothes for Aiba-chan." Ohno explained and looked at the host who was still lost in his thoughts, sitting on a chair and staring blankly at the floor. Sakurai sat next to him and took one of his trembling hands in his ones, capturing his attention.
"It's alright, Masaki. I'm here now."
Aiba couldn't speak. He just fixed his teary eyes on Sho's, then at his hands and sadly nodded before Sho hugged him tight. Some minutes later Toma and Jun came back. While Aiba went to the toilette to change his bloodstained clothes, Toma spelt everything out to Sakurai whose expression was more and more furious. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath thinking of a solution.
"Okay, I'll go home and call the police. Satoshi-kun will stay here with Masaki and Ninomiya. It will be the strongest alibi." He then thought again for a while. "Jun-kun, you come home. They won't suspect you and it is better if you don't get involved. Toma will come with me. I'm sure Inspector Yamashita will be on charge, he would never doubt you, right?"
Toma agreed and added:
"And I'll testimony that you were here with us."
Matsumoto went home immediately and when, after some minutes, Aiba came back, Sakurai and Ikuta were ready to leave. Sho hugged his lover tightly again who weakly hugged him back. "Wait here for me, okay? I'll be back soon." He whispered into Masaki's ear who didn't object nor asked anything more. He was too tired and apathetic. He just nodded with a pitiful smile painted on his face. "I love you." Sakurai said before turning around and going away. A tear ran on Aiba's cheek and stopped on his lips. "Me too." He murmured weakly.

"Luckly you live alone on this floor otherwise our plan would fail." Ikuta said, looking around while Sakurai was calling the police. Sakurai agreed with a cunning smile.
The police arrived in no time with sirens wailing and as Sho guessed, Inspector Yamashita was in charge of the case. He checked the whole scene, listened to the coroner (=forensic scientist) and asked some questions to Sakurai and Ikuta. They explained what happened to Ninomiya and that they were at the hospital and Yamashita believed at everything that Toma said. But why?
Two hours later they were finally free but Sakurai's apartment was seized. Toma went home, while Sakurai came back to the hospital just to find Ohno and Aiba sleeping on the chairs of the waiting room. He sweetly woke them up and asked them to go home.
"I'll stay here." Ohno mumbled stretching out his arms.
"Are you sure?" Sakurai asked worried for his friend. "I bet Ninomiya will sleep until late morning, why don't you go home and take some rest?"
"I'm okay, Sho-kun." Satoshi gave his friend one of his warm smiles and Sakurai couldn't help but to agree. He took Aiba's hand in his and went to Ninomiya's home with him, hoping his boyfriend would have some rest.


a/n: whuaaa!!! The plot is coming out more and more complicated!! Why do I love angst and thriller so much??? xD


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May. 26th, 2012 12:30 pm (UTC)
I really like this fic :) Thanks for writing and sharing <3
May. 26th, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)
thanks to you for reading and commenting ^O^
I'm glad you like it ;D
May. 26th, 2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
waaa!!!! poor Aiba.!!!T.T Sho i so sweet and attentive... Aiba is near to know Sho's father business? I like this chapter!!!^^ thanks for sharing!!bye^^
May. 27th, 2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
you will know soon how Aiba will find out about Sho's father ;)
thanks for reading ^0^
May. 27th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
poor Aiba T__T
hope everything will be alright
thank you for this ^^
May. 27th, 2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
thanks to you for reading ;)
Stephanie Lizeth
May. 28th, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
begin read the fic and i love it!
I loved the story, thanks for sharing and I hope to read the next chapter soon! ;D
May. 28th, 2012 08:14 am (UTC)
^O^ thanks a lot for reading!!
Next chapter will be posted at the end of the week ;D
Jun. 20th, 2012 02:33 pm (UTC)
Povero Satoshi è preoccupato x Nino T_T
Coraggio Masa vedrai che ninuzzo tornerà in forma mooooolto presto
Oddioo ho paura di leggere il cap. successivo -.-'
ok!! mi faccio coraggio e vado XD
Jun. 20th, 2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
xD Ganbatte!!
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