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[Multi-chap] Plotting with the devil 11/??

Author: vikyfaxerfeit

Beta: andreja1989
Genre: angst, romance
Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohmiya
Disclaimer: I don't own any of them, but they surely own my heart ♥

Previous chapters: chap#01  ||  chap#02  ||  chap#03  ||  chap#04  ||  chap#05  || chap#06  | |  chap#07  | |  chap#08  | |  chap#09  | |  chap#10  | |  

That evening Aiba came back home and made up with Nino who hugged him tight and then knocked him on the head for thinking he was in love with that swollen headed lawyer'! Everyone seemed to be back to their normal routines and a breath of happiness was blowing on them. Aiba still went to work but made a promise with Sho.
"When my debt will be wholly paid, I'll quit."
Sho, after some complaints, couldn't help but accept since Aiba didn't want any economic help from him. Two weeks passed by quickly and their relationship became stronger and stronger. They spent all their free time together going shopping, eating out in some extravagant restaurant suggested by Sho or just staying home on the couch watching some movies. Both of them felt really happy like nothing could break those feelings they had for each other and everyone noticed it too. Nino kept on teasing Aiba about how much he was smiling like a stupid teenager in love but deep in his heart he was really glad for his friend.
At the Blue Rose, Aiba's guests increased as well as his salary. His cheerful and now more true behavior was a joy to see for every man who asked for his company. Actually everyone but Sho was happy for Aiba. He never failed to show at the club every night and couldn't either help to piss off Jun who had to listen to all the complaints of the lawyer. That night too.
"Look! What does he think? That's MY boyfriend! Where is he putting his hands, that jerk?" He complained staring at a man who just patted Aiba on his shoulder.
"Sakurai-san, I don't want to be rude and I'm glad you ask for me but... May I be blunt?"
Sakurai looked bothered at him, raising an eyebrow. "Spit it out."
"Your jealousy is annoying, why don't you book Aiba-chan sometimes?" The host asked crossing his legs in a stylish and sexy way which made even Sho blush.
"I can't." He replied immediately, peeking again at Aiba's table. "I promised I won't give him any money and that means also not to pay for his company here."
"Tsk... That Aiba-chan is really annoying!" Matsumoto drank a bit of his drink and looked casually around the club.
"Tonight you find everything annoying. Cheer up, Matsumoto-kun!" Laughed Sakurai, but when he turned around and looked at who just entered the club, shock was written all over his face.
"What the hell is he doing here?" He asked to himself between his teeth.
Jun turned towards the entrance with curiosity and greeted with a big smile the new guest. "Irasshaimasen Toma-san."
"Yo! Jun-kun! Sakurai-kun!" The newcomer went towards their table waving his hand. "I was looking for you!"
Sakurai didn't even bother to get up and asked irritated:
"What are you doing here?"
"I've something to show you." Replied the charming man immediately, sitting down between Matsumoto and Sakurai.
"I have to worry, right? Tsk… you're like a jinx!"
"Well, yes. You have to worry. Especially because it involves your new lovely boyfriend." Ikuta teased the lawyer looking at Aiba who didn't notice anything and was still busy talking and laughing with his guests.
"We better find a more discrete place." Said Sakurai getting up and going straight to a private room followed by both the two men.


Some hours later Aiba finished his work for the night and went to the changing-room to take his bag. When he came back, he finally noticed that Sakurai wasn't at his usual place and wondered where he could have gone. He saw Matsumoto chatting joyfully and unexpectedly smiling brightly to his actual guest and wondered who that gorgeous man was to be able to break Matsumoto's wall of coolness. But he immediately brushed away the curiosity and started to look around the club in search of his lover.
"Aiba-chan." Matsumoto's guest called him with a cheerful voice. "If you're looking for Sakurai-kun, he already left." He said with a warming smile.
Aiba was startled. How could he know that he was looking for Sho?
"I'm Ikuta Toma, one of Sakurai's friends, don't give me that probing look."
"I'm sorry." The host bowed immediately in front of an amused Matsumoto who smirked and said:
"Well, you're done for tonight, right? We'll take you home."
"Eh? It's okay, I can go home alone, don't worry." Aiba smiled ready to say goodbye. He was thinking that something was strange because Matsumoto never showed such gentleness.
"But it's a pleasure to escort a handsome guy like you." Ikuta got up and put his arm around Aiba's hips pushing him out of the club. Matsumoto followed them amused greeting a goodbye to the owner.

Toma flirted all the way home with Aiba who was evidently embarrassed. "Ne ~ Jun-kun, don't you think Aiba-chan is really cute?" Asked Ikuta, teasing the number one host who tried to stay cool although he was really jealous.
"If you want to anger me, you're not even near your goal." Matsumoto said, his burning eyes locked on Toma. If you didn't already notice, Jun and Toma were madly in love with each other but neither of them wanted to admit it. They met each other three years ago thanks to Sakurai. At that time Jun thought that Toma was really annoying but then, slowly he became used to Ikuta's flirting behavior and cheerful smile and eventually he fell in love. He was the haughty Matsumoto Jun, number one host of the Blue Rose club, he would never behave like a stupid teenager who would confess his love to a playboy only to be rejected or in the worst case, played with. What he didn't know was that Toma was in love too but he was the playboy Ikuta Toma and didn't want to ruin his fame or maybe he was too afraid to be rejected. In summary, they were hopeless.
"Ah! We're home." Aiba said with relief in his voice.
"Won’t you invite us for a cup of coffee?" The playboy asked.
"It is okay, Aiba-chan." Interrupted Matsumoto. "It's late and plus you don't drink coffee, Ikuta-san." The host explained with a smirk of victory on his lips. Aiba bowed and gave Matsumoto a smile, thanking him in his mind.
"Then… goodnight."
"Sweet dreams, Aiba-chan. It was a pleasure." Toma smiled brightly before taking Matsumoto's arm and pushing him away.
When Aiba entered the building's hall, Toma stopped. "What's the matter?" Asked Matsumoto confused.
"Someone is watching us, or better, followed us."
"Are they suspecting you?"
"No, they're interested in Aiba-chan."
Jun stiffened but tried to behave as always flirting with Toma. He tightened the grip on Toma's arm and leaned onto his ear whispering: "I think it's better to call Sakurai-san."

In the meantime, Aiba arrived in front of his and Nino's apartment. The door was slightly open and the light turned on. "Ne~ Nino! You forgot to close the door." He said going into his home. Nobody replied. Aiba closed the door and looked around the house calling his friend's name but when he finally found him, he panicked. Nino was lying on the kitchen's floor, evident wounds on his face and arms. Aiba immediately tried to help him but didn't know what to do so he just called his name to wake him up. "What should I do?" He asked himself, terrified. "Ambulance! I've to call an ambulance!"

~ TBC~

yaaa!!! I finally menaged to write what was on my mind!!! xD The plot is quite complicated from now on but surely thrilling!!! ^O^ 
I hope you all are enjoying it ;D 
any comments and suggests are welcome ^O^ 

ps. 12th and 13th chapters are already written so I swear I'm going to post the next chapter on Friday ;D YAKUSOKU!!! 


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May. 13th, 2012 08:01 pm (UTC)
it´s getting exciting <3<3<3 wonder what happend at all .. poor Nino :-( what does Toma knew and were did Sho go?? mhhh wondering
May. 14th, 2012 09:27 am (UTC)
thanks for reading!!!
mmm...where did Sho go??? don't know... *jokes*
xD you will know in the next chapter ^^
May. 13th, 2012 10:31 pm (UTC)
jealous Sho is cute :3
poor Nino,, I wonder who do that :(
and I'm curious about what Toma knew
can't wait for next
May. 14th, 2012 09:26 am (UTC)
you'll know in the next chapter :)
well, just about nino. For Toma's secret you have to wait a little more ;p
thanks for reading ^O^
May. 14th, 2012 12:13 pm (UTC)
what happened with nino *O*
I like the plot xD it's very interesting xD
and sweet sakuraiba is so loveable <3
thanks for sharing <3
looking forward to the next <3
May. 14th, 2012 01:02 pm (UTC)
thanks to you for reading ^O^
stay tuned, next chapter will be posted on Friday ^^
May. 14th, 2012 04:02 pm (UTC)
omg why didn't I read this fic before?! *__* I love it! <3

what happened to Nino? D: and who are 'they'? Dx

Can't wait for next chapter ♥
May. 14th, 2012 04:29 pm (UTC)
yaa!!! WELCOME ^O^
I'm glad you like it and thanks a lot for reading!
Some of your questions will be answered in the next chapter ;D
May. 23rd, 2012 12:55 pm (UTC)

p.s. adoro Toma XDD
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